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Audio Video Technician

How an Audio Video Technician Can Help

When you think about the technology involved with a single event, conference, or seminar, the amount of intricate technology is overwhelming. So many tiny pieces need to fit together seamlessly to provide the right lighting, sound, staging, and effects. Not only does the stage need to be set, but the lighting must remain perfect. Spotlights for speakers, dimming lights for presentations, and moving lights for effects all come into play. Add to that any music or videos that must play on cue, and fade in and fade out. If anyone is presenting or speaking, a microphone must be added into the mix. Further, how do you switch between multiple speakers and microphones, with music, and keep the sound balanced? This is where an audio video technician can help. Trained and professional, an audio video technician stands by throughout your event to make sure every piece of the puzzle comes together flawlessly. The team at Jarrin Production Services can help, and have the best team of technicians to facilitate your event no matter how large or small.

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